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“Attention Is The Beginning Of Devotion.” ~Mary Oliver

Ours is the invisible work, that which is transient in nature. Wiping messy mouths, changing dirty nappies, listening to our children’s seemingly unending stories, sharing their secrets, chasing away their monsters, kissing their hot tears. Holding space while everything constantly changes while staying exactly the same.

The invisible work that wears us out while leaving us questioning what we accomplished all day. Transformative work that can’t be measured by regular time, instead passing in fits and starts and by how suddenly our baby’s hand dimples melt away.

We are space holders, hand holders, tiny body holders. We begin by carrying them in our wombs. Our toddlers sit on our hips. And, as teenagers and adults, we hold their heads on our shoulders. The weight of their little bodies tethering us to our own humanity.

Black and white image of a mother holding her young child.

Moment-driven Family Photography is a chance to transmute what feels invisible into something tangible. To declare to the world that a moment happened, and yes! We were there, too! To honor an everyday life as a life worth living and no less worthy because it doesn’t feel curated for Instagram or Pinterest.

Baby touching mother's face while breastfeeding during Seattle family photography session on the beach.

To feel deeply into motherhood. To find the magic in holding our children, playing barefoot in the grass, eating together, laughing, and yes, even crying. To become fully embodied. To know that our work matters and to document it so that it, too, can take up residence with shiny moments as works of art.




moment-driven family sessions

  • around one and a half hour photo session
  • 50+ hand-edited high resolution images
  • Beautiful professional quality prints are available to order a la carte directly from your gallery
  • $1200 (+WA State sales tax)
  • Travel included up to 50 miles from Seattle

I promise your family, your experience, your connection, is Art.

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Couple gazing at each other while holding their baby.

“Jackleen’s photography is beyond stunning. Her eye and aesthetics are such a gift behind the lens. She is so skilled at curating and capturing beauty. Her warmth and love radiates from her heart as she seems to make camera shy folk, like me, feel at ease. I highly recommend Jackleen’s work if you are looking for tasteful and aesthetically pleasing family photos that you will cherish forever.”


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