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A family elopement is the meaningful alternative to a traditional wedding that you’ve been searching for!


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Rattlesnake Ledge elopement photographed by Seattle elopement photographer.

Remember when you used to...

Hike? Climb? Travel? I’m no stranger to the idea that fun seems to be put on hold when you have kids, but it doesn’t have to be! Instead of lamenting the things you used to love to do, do them again! As you marry your best friend, take this opportunity to embrace adventure for yourself, and your family.

Set an example for the little ones in your life by crafting an intentional, authentic outdoor wedding experience! Outdoor elopements can be family-friendly, with maybe just a little extra planning 😉  The effort is worth it to show them what matters most to you. Your children will be inspired by your adventurous spirit!


Not eloping but want your family’s wild love in a wild place documented?
The way in which we share the world with our children IS IMPORTANT!

It impacts both their mental and physical health, as well as the health of the world they will one day inherit and be entrusted to protect. Quite simply put, stewardship of this Earth begins with an introduction to the outdoors. Maybe your family goes on hikes every weekend, or maybe you simply wish life worked out that way.

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to live out your goals by including those you love on your greatest adventure yet!

Family eloping in the Arizona desert.
Eloping couple on a Washington State beach during a Seattle elopement.
Celebrate it in YOUR own perfect way!

Don’t let mountaintop experiences be relegated to life before kids, and stop dreaming of adventures as something to “pick up” again later.

Your marriage is an opportunity to do what you love most, and invite your children along for the experience!

Arizona elopement with kids photographed by a Seattle elopement photographer.

hello, i’mJackie

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I’m a mum of three and lover of all things outdoors. My passion is for crafting elopements and family photography sessions that provide a safe space where all kinds of couples and their children can be authentically true to themselves. I know what it feels like to be “expected” to settle down and do things more traditionally, but that just didn’t fit me, and it might not fit you either. That’s okay!

The good news is that my desire to go against the grain has led to less traditional family adventures outdoors that I’m so grateful to have experienced alongside my little ones!

Whether you’re a bit of a non-traditionalist yourself, or you simply want to get your family outdoors more to soak up the beauty, we can make it happen! And of course, we can document it all with beautiful storytelling photography.

Family elopement at Smith Rock State Park Pacific Northwest.


You’re teaching your kids to follow any kind of dream they may have, and you’re doing it in the best way possible – by acting on it! You tell them all the time that they can create the life they want – show them it is possible by living the life YOU want!

Eloping with your kids goes beyond showing them adventure is possible, it shows them adventure is worth the effort.

Every adventure we take, every risk, every outdoor experience, not only teaches our children what matters to us; it also creates a path for others.

An elopement is a super personal event, there is no one size fits all. But, your elopement could have impacts that go far beyond you.

What if I told you that by having an adventurous and sustainable elopement, you are drawing a map with clear directions for others to follow?

It doesn’t stop at you!

You are empowering other families to cast aside what society and the wedding industry says you should do.

You are embracing YOUR adventure, prioritizing your relationship in front of your children, and modeling an Earth-centric way to commit to your partner and your family. And that’s freakin’ awesome!

A bride and groom standing on a tree stump during their Seattle elopement.


It’s no secret weddings can be wasteful. The plastic utensils, paper plates, piles of food, and tons of florals cut and then thrown out – it adds up! Not to mention the attire, decor, and other things purchased and intended to be used for this single occasion.

A well-planned and intentional elopement can eliminate hundreds of pounds of waste from each wedding!


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Little girl holding the rings at an outdoor adventurous elopement with kids.
Wedding couple at sunset during a Discovery Park Seattle elopement.
Whatever that happens to look like!

No matter what race,  religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities, or where you are from, you are safe here

Black lives matter. Women’s rights are human rights. No human is illegal. Love is love. And yeah, science is real, too. 

Young girl at Seattle family beach photography session.