Worried about Covid, potential shutdowns, and how your day may be affected? There are NO rescheduling fees for elopements in 2021! I want you to have a stress-free elopement experience from beginning to end.

Do it for the kids.
Do it for the planet.
But, most importantly,
do it for yourself.

By having an adventurous elopement, you’re trailblazing a path for others. You’re proving it is possible to adventure after having children and that a wedding can be sustainable, meaningful, & authentic.

Whatever your family’s “wild” is, I’m here to help you find it! Rather not use the form below? Contact me at [email protected] or    (+1) 717.715.6195 

i’m returning to the PnW & currently booking sessions for late summer & fall of 2021 & All of 2022!