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I grew up a free range kid in central Pennsylvania rooted in the Earth. My childhood was spent wandering through the woods, making jewelry out of cicada skins pried from trees, cooking recipes that centered around the main ingredient mud, and spending summer evenings playing ghost in the graveyard and elaborate games of capture the flag. My high school years were spent outdoors, most times with a book of Pablo Neruda’s poetry, my journal, or a camera in my hand.

Nature and art built me. They now carry me through the terrain of motherhood, my deepest, most meaningful, and, arguably, most difficult initiation into the inner psyche yet.

I may not be the same wild child with skinned knees that I once was, but she still very much lives within me. Glimpses of her can be seen when I’m barefoot in my garden, digging in the soil, collecting nature treasures with my children, and appreciating the beauty of the moon from my backyard. It’s harder to spot her when I’m bent over a sink full of dirty dishes, or tidying for the one hundredth time that day, but she’s still there existing just under the noise and the to do list.

Our experiences give us form. The light and dark, the beautiful and chaotic, the perfectly imperfect moments, some mundane and others profound. All are ingredients in a well-lived life and worthy of attention. My purpose is to see, hear, and hold space for you so you can experience yours. You are the architect, I’m just here to show you the beauty in your creation.

Seattle family photographer's reflection in the mirror while embracing her child.


connection, empowerment, & equality

Connection – We live in a constant state of disconnect from ourselves, our families, and the very Earth we live on. Instead, we’ve yoked ourselves to our phones, computers, technology, and countless societal expectations. A photo session may be just a moment in time, but even a moment can have a profound impact on how we live the rest of our lives. My purpose during a session is to cultivate a state of being wholly and completely present. It is a time for becoming reacquainted and deeply connected with the depth of your own Soul, your family, and the Earth. It is returning home. 

Empowerment – Women often find themselves in the constant mode of serving others with a complete loss of boundaries. But a woman who is in her power cannot easily be swayed by the opinions of others. Her inner voice is strong and clear, and she lives her purpose unapologetically. She is not one to be trifled with, nor taken advantage of. She knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. She’s equal parts nurturing and fierce, and importantly, she knows which the moment calls for. It’s time for women to step into their power and live in alignment with their Highest Selves. Women need this, their families need it, and the world needs it, too.

Equality – I believe in providing a safe container where humans can feel deeply, no matter what may come up. Everyone is entitled to safety, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities, or where they are from. Black lives matter. Women’s rights are human rights. No human is illegal. And love is love. 

The Wild Woman archetype has been hunted down by the patriarchal world in which we find ourselves. She has been relegated to the shadows and the rubble of the feminine unconscious for stepping into her power. These actions have ultimately bred isolation, competition, and have cut us off from the cyclical nature of the Earth, of Women, and of the Divine Feminine. It’s time to pick up a trowel and embark on a psycho-archaeological dig to unearth the Wild Woman within. It’s time for the matriarchal qualities that cultivate connection, support, and reverence for Mother Earth to assume their rightful and necessary role in the sustainability of life on this planet and in the deepest knowing of our own Souls. It’s time for us to REWILD.

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