A couple laughing in the Superstition Mountains photographed by an Arizona wedding photographer


Yes, I’ll be taking photos. BUT, the purpose of an adventure elopement or a family session isn’t that you feel posed for pictures, however many hours we’re together. Actually, that’s the opposite of what should happen! I’m after your moments, not stiff portraits that don’t make you feel a thing.

Our experiences make us lovely and craft our stories. I want to tell yours.

I’m your planner, your supporter, your rememberer-of- forgotten-things. I’m here to make hiking with kids, exploring with kids, and adventuring together as a family a fun and exciting experience!


If your dream wedding includes hiking with your kids, let’s make it happen. Whatever adventure you’re seeking, it’s achievable with a little extra planning.

As an Arizona wedding photographer, I also document adventurous engagement sessions.
Arizona wedding photographer who also documents Pacific Northwest elopements like this one at Discovery Park, Seattle.

Working with Wild Kin Wandering looks a lot like the vacation you always hoped you’d bring your family on. Really, hear me out! You’re adventurous people, but things don’t always go as planned – especially with little ones. I know exactly what that looks like! My goal is to plan for the accidents, expect the unexpected, and reduce your stress.

Don’t shortchange your wedding to avoid what you’re worried might go wrong. Trust yourself – you’re prepared for this. Your dream wedding is possible, adventure and all.

Eloping couple with a child kissing in the desert photographed by an Arizona wedding photographer.


Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!
  • because having a family shouldn’t mean the end of outdoor adventure
  • because having a family shouldn’t mean that your wedding day is any less important
  • because your wedding day is a means to jumpstart the many adventures that the two of you will share with your children in the future
  • because your kids deserve to see you at your best and happiest
  • because your kids (and you!) deserve the feeling of belonging to a family and to something greater
  • because the world needs parents that teach their kids to adventure, that take their kids into the wilderness, and that demonstrate a love for this planet and a passion to protect it
  • because doing so creates a path for others to do the same, gives others permission to adventure after they have children, and shows others that it is possible and that a wedding can be sustainable, meaningful, authentic

I’m based on Whidbey Island in Washington State, just a hop, skip, and jump (actually ferry ride) from Seattle.

My little family is everything to me. Having a new baby a couple years ago strengthened those feelings. Family is what resonates with me.

As a former forest preschool teacher and someone who loves this planet we’re all living on, it’s also my mission to get as many families and kids outdoors and in natural spaces as possible. Kids that grow up spending large quantities of time in nature, grow to love those wild places as a second home. They have a sense of belonging there, and they are more likely to fight for and protect those places as adults.

Focusing on families is my way of focusing on this lovely blue and green planet of ours.

I’m happy to photograph both elopements and small weddings, though I generally do not take on anything with more than 35 guests.

Permits, timelines and location scouting are all things I do as part of booking one of my photography packages. But I also love personalizing each shoot to the beautifully unique families I get to photograph! If you have any other questions, feel free to send an email or give me a call.

This can vary quite a bit depending on length of coverage requested, number of guests, type of activities, and other details about the ceremony. That said, you can generally count on a minimum of 300 images of all the big and small moments from your day.

It all starts with an inquiry! Once you’ve inquired, we’ll schedule a call so I can get to know your family and story better, and learn how best I can serve you as a photographer & guide. Once you’re officially booked, we can start planning the details! I think this stage is a lot of fun – planning elopements is much easier and stress-free than traditional weddings. It’s my job to make sure you feel confident in the location and timeline for your day.

On the day of your session, I’ll be there to remind you to remain present. We’ll find ways to ensure you’re comfortable in front of the camera – you’ll likely even forget it’s there at times! Once the session is over, you’ll receive a preview gallery followed by a full gallery of images in the following weeks. Then, you get to relive this perfect day over and over!

My approach to photography is cozy, soulful, and nostalgic, with a focus on storytelling images that communicate connection.

I believe life cannot be reduced to a few simple and tidy truths. The human experience is holistic, chaotic, genuine, profound, and (if we’re being honest) pretty damn scary. And yet it’s also filled with breathtaking beauty. Photographs should reflect this.

I sure do! I absolutely love to explore new places. Feel free to inquire about your specific location. And if you don’t know, that’s okay, too! Contact me so we can pinpoint your perfect piece of Earth together.

Yep! Feel free to reach out with your location. Alternatively, if you know you’ve got the international itch, but haven’t yet chosen a place, I’m happy to help you pinpoint it!

There’s no real timeline here. Basically, reach out and we’ll figure it out!

While I don’t offer elopement packages with other vendors, I’m more than happy to give vendor suggestions as part of the planning process!

Those listed on my Packages & Pricing page! Don’t see a package that fits your wedding? No need to compromise! Reach out and we’ll craft an elopement experience that is so perfectly YOU.

I sure do! I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve looked at previous family portraits I have had taken of my own little family maybe, um, twice. Right after they were delivered to me. And then again several months later when I was looking for something to post on Facebook (I told you it was embarrassing).

Why don’t I gaze upon them more often? Because they live in a file on my computer and aren’t out in the open asking to be examined, remembered, and loved. Printing puts them front and center, on your wall, on your coffee table, or in Grandma’s lap. Printing makes the moments and feelings from that day tangible (literally tangible). It’s really pretty magical.

To ensure the quality of your prints, I work with a professional print lab. Portrait products and heirloom albums can be conveniently ordered directly from your gallery.

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